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10 Questions You Should Ask Your Apartment Leasing Agent Before Moving


If you're about to move, you're new to the world of apartment leasing, considering a new apartment home, or touring some of your top choices for a new community, there are some questions you need to ask your leasing agent before you sign a lease.  In today's posting, we're going to share what we think are ten questions you should ask before you move.

Pictured right: Leasing professional Lori Jo Moore....dedicated to offering the best resident care and service at Orchard Corners Apartments, a Nolan Living community....Go Orchard!


Ask Your Leasing Agent These Question  Before You Move....The Answers Will Help You Lease An Apartment You'll Love!


1. What is your current occupancy rate/percentage?

This is a good figure to know, and might possibly open the door toward a more mutually beneficial negotiation in terms of rental rates, especially if the occupancy is not at or above goals.

2. What are some upcoming resident events that you have planned?

Get a true look at the culture of the apartment community by asking about resident events:  who plans them, are the residents involved, how often do they take place, and are the events weel-received overall?  It's not just about the grounds, or your individual home, it's more about how all the residents interact together as neighbors.

3. Does the community host any charity events or drives to benefit local non-profits?

Giving back to the greater community is important to most people, and if your community of choice makes this a priority, then you can partner with neighbors and the property management team to make a huge impact on people who need help and are struggling.  Are you going to be leasing from just a business, a group of corporate overlords, or an organization that cares about people?  Ask about any charity events over the last 12 months and find out!

Are your policies pet-friendly, and what percentage of residents would you say are pet parents?

Pets offer so much to the families they live with, you owe it to yours to ask your leasing agent how many other pet parents live in the community, and to have them go over all pet policies in detail before you lease.  Bring your pet in for an interview when you tour!  

5. For canine pet owners:  are there any breed or mixes excluded from the community?

In the hustle and bustle of trying to find the best apartment community for you and your pet, you can forget to ask some of the obvious questions like are there mix or breed guidelines for dogs......don't forget to ask this early on!

6. Does the community schedule regular crime awareness and prevention meetings, updates and events?  Can you provide examples?

Although no apartment community can guarantee resident safety, it is an indication of the community's commitment to safety when there are regular crime prevention and safety awareness events:  partnerships with local law enforcement are welcomed and benefit both the residents and the apartment community.  

7. What were the top three reasons for maintenance calls over the last six months?

This is a great question for your leasing agent, and will give you some idea as to the condition of your possible apartment home.  No apartment community is without its maintenance challenges and responsibilities, but with this question, you'll find out some of the possible maintenance issues you might be facing.....and how they would be handled.

8. Over the last 12 months, how many times have there been personnel changes in the Leasing or Maintenance Teams?

With a high turnaround in leasing or maintenance staff, it's definitely hard to offer you, as a prospective resdient, a high-quality customer service experience.  This question will reveal if the property management team is strong and cohesive, and ready to exceed your expectations.  If the turnaround of staff is high, and you like the overall package and offering of the community, then be candid with the leasing agent and share your concerns.  There is likely a plan in place to build a stronger, better team.

9. What improvement projects are planned for the community?

Is the gym or fitness center looking dated, or do you notice other 'opportunities' to improve the look of the property? Ask your agent if there are any renovations planned in the near sure to consider these improvements and/or renovations and ask when or if you would be able to enjoy them during your current lease period.

10. What are the most popular amenities the community has to offer and why?

You can feel comfortable asking your leasing professional what he or she thinks are the most popular might be surprised, and discover another reason to seriously consider leasing at the community.


Post a comment here in our forum, with some of the questions you've asked of leasing staff at an apartment community......we'd love to hear from you!