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12 tips for a healthy long-lasting landlord-tenant relationship


More Americans are renting than at any point in 50 Years. According to Fact Tank, nearly 44% of Americans were renting a home in some sort of capacity in 2016. With that number expected to continue to rise, the landlord-tenant relationship becomes that much more important. Most renters give very little thought on how they should communicate with their landlords. With these relationships on the rise, it is important that the communication is pristine. The relationship you have with your landlord or tenants can very well determine the long term sustainability of that relationship. There are 12 practical ways to enrich this relationship stays healthy for years to come.

From the Beginning

  1. Read reviews- Reviews are a great way to determine if other tenants have had success working with the landlord. Always be sure to read 10-15 reviews to maintain a fair and accurate understanding.
  2. Do your homework- Always check surrounding areas. You want your home to be as safe and secure as possible. Checking on things like crime rates in that particular area will create a sense of peace in the home.
  3. Ask questions- Come prepared with a list of 5-10 questions for the leasing agent to answer.
  4. Read your lease completely- Reading the lease in its entirety from front to back will prevent any surprises down the road.

Move in Day

  1. Collect all of the contact information- Having all the correct phone numbers, business hours and communication channels will make communication streamline and stress free.
  2. Request a combined walkthrough- Walking through together will confirm that everything documented is accurate.
  3. Document any damage- Writing down any pre existing damages with photos and descriptions will prevent any disputes in the future.
  4. Meet the neighbors- Although they wont define your relationship with the landlord, its always good to engage with the community around you. This is also critical if there are any emergencies that the landlord will not be able to help with.

Maintaining the Relationship

  1. Pay rent on time- This may seem obvious, but even forgetting about rent a day or two can put the relationship in a bit of an awkward position. Always reach out and notify the landlord if the rent payment will not be on time.
  2. Get it in writing- Whether it be a contract, request of service, or even a simple paint chip discovered on move in day, getting it in writing will confirm the accuracy is always maintained.
  3. Engage in community functions- Attending community parties and events will strengthen the relationship of both the landlord and the tenant.
  4. Care about the little things- Using proper manners and having a good attitude would prevent many mis understandings. 


Above all else, honesty is the most important factor in any kind of relationship. Once the trust is broken, the relationship is harder to maintain. Always being honest with the landlord or tenants will allow for a strong profitable relationship for years to come.