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5 Easy Tips to Help Apartment Residents Adopt a Shelter Dog



Without question, our pets improve the value of our lives on a daily basis.  There are so many dogs, in particular, that are worthy of good homes and families and in need of adoption. This month is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and in today's posting, we're looking at 5 easy ways to adopt a shelter dog smoothly and transition this new family member into your apartment home successfully.


'Rescued is my favorite breed.'


Use Our NRED Tips to Make Adopting a Shelter Dog An Easy and Loving Process

1.  Have a family meeting to consider adopting before you start the process.

2.  Call your local shelter to discuss your breed choices, options and to set up a visit and 'meet and greet' with dogs that match your spirit, vibe and energy.

3.  Speak frankly with shelter staff, and come with a list of questions.

4.  Do an in-home audit for toxic cleaning materials, accessories and will have to make some changes to bring a new pet into your apartment.

5.  Plan to visit and source a local veterinarian prior to adopting.  

Making the decision to adopt a shelter dog is a big one.  It's about so much more than just offering food and shelter.  It is a commitment to literally 'onboard' a new animal family that has been traumatized, and has had to overcome emotional challenges related to previous owners. Take the time to explore all options for bringing a new pet into your apartment home....speak frankly with your leasing staff, and even have them recommend other pet owners in the community that you might speak with as you make your final decision.

Pets, and dogs in particular, help make our houses true homes!  Adopt a shelter dog today, and enrich your apartment home with even more love and care!