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5 Fun Dog Fitness Tips for Apartment Home Pets


The health of our canine family members is just as important to us as the health of our human loved ones.  Fitness, regular aerobic activity, and strength-building are all important for our dogs! In today's posting, we're taking a look at how you can develop a healthy, active lifestyle for you and your pet, and also enjoy your apartment community's amenities and outdoor environment.  We're offering five easy-to-use tips for the best dog fitness possible!  Use our tips not only to build good fitness habits for you and your dog, and but to also to spend more time with them.

5 Fun Dog Fitness Tips for Apartment Home Pets

1. Be sure to encourage leash-free running and playing at least three times per week.  Partner with another pet parent to scope out local parks and trails where leash-free interaction with pets is allowed.

2. Fetch or catch and release.  Vets and others highly recommend this fun game which builds great agility in your dog, and is just plain fun.  This can be done in any grassy area in your apartment community.  Just be sure to pick up any poop!  

3. Dive in with your dog!  Ask your leasing team about a dedicated Pool Day for Dogs...then head for the pool with doggie treats and toys!

4. Encourage portion control. Dogs will naturally get excited around foods and food smells. Seek out options for all natural dog food in your community.  Talk to apartment community's management team about ideas for pet-friendly resident events that feature healthy pet snacks....and demos on how to make them.

5. Get connected with pet sitter companies.  They'll have great ideas about how to keep your dog active and healthy.  Also, you never know when you'll need a sitter!

Remember, nothing says 'I love you' more to your dog then when you spend regular quality time together, having fun through healthy activities that will improve your family's quality of life.