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5 No-Fail Ways to Keep New Year's Resolutions for Fitness Using Your Apartment Community's Gym


Happy New Year, we made it to 2017!  As we set goals and think about how we want to change or improve our lives, there's always that recurring item at the top of almost everyone's list: Fitness! That's right, health and wellness, along with maintaining positive choices for exercise and diet are a big part of living our best lives.  In today's posting, we're sharing five easy ways to help you keep your resolutions for getting in day at a time!  Your apartment home and the gym in your community are both locations you can use to tone, shape and stretch your body on a daily basis.  

1. Write your overall goal down. Your written goals serve as a road map.  If you don't know where you're going, then you won't get there!

2. Make a gym buddy, or get a group of like-minded residents in your apartment community and set up regular gym days. We can't emphasize this enough....this isn't a quick's a marriage between your mind, body and spirit.  Exercise, proper diet and positive mind-body alignment are the building blocks of total health and wellness.  So take it one day at a time.  

3. Share meal preparation (meal prep) ideas and ask your community's Leasing Team to share samples at the next resident event. Everyone wins when healthy living is a focal point. Insurance costs come down, people feel better, and can engage and enjoy life at work and at home much more.  Eating fresh, healthy foods is a habit worth promoting, so why not do this during a resident gathering?  

4. Invest in workout clothes that go from gym-to-street. Even if it's just yoga pants that transition from office to gym, having this convenience will help you develop your workout habits and ensure that you stick to them.

5. Make a big deal out of your progress. Remember, this is a lifelong goal.....a journey, and not a destination!  Being consistent is what will deliver results....your apartment community's gym is a valuable amenity...use it and use it regularly. Celebrate your successes along the way; both small and big!

We'll close today's post with a quote from Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and entrepreneur:

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.