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5 Tips for Apartment Living with Pets

| claims that close to 70% of apartment renters own some sort of animal. Sometimes, apartments may not feel like there is enough adequate living space for your cats and dogs. Lucky for you, there are a number of simple tricks to living in apartments while providing every essential to your furry family. 

  1. Interactive toys. Fortunately for you, living in 2018 is pretty awesome. New pet products provide tons of entertainment for your pets while allowing you to focus on the day to day of life. 

-Kong extreme dog toy. Provide hours of fun with a simple rubber ball and some peanut butter

-Interactive food maze toy. This one is my personal favorite. I have experienced putting a treat in this product, coming back two hours later and seeing my puppy still engaged with this toy. 

-Aussie dog home alone. Tie this up to a pillar or staircase and provide hours of entertainment for your pet.

-Bob-A-Lot treat dispenser. Fill this toy up with the favorite food or treats, set an electronic timer and know your pet will always get fed on command.

2. Live on the lowest floor possible. You will thank me later for this one. With four or five bathroom breaks a day, those 3 flights of stairs start to feel like 6 or 7 after a long day. If you have a larger dog, this will prevent noise complaints late at night. 

3. The taller the better. When it comes to cats, it is always better to provide the tallest spaces for them to climb and exercise throughout the day. Consider a loft, may be the best option for your cats.

4. EXERCISE! Lots of walks and time at the pet park will make your pet feel like they live in a mansion. Tiring them out in the morning and night will prevent any anxious chewing, along with giving you the peace of mind they are healthy. 

5. Follow through on their routine. Pets love a routine. Whether it is bathroom breaks, or time for exercise, establish a routine with your pet. Understanding their personality will go a long way in providing everything they need.