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5 Ways to Re-Energize Your Onsite Staff for Property Management


Starting a new year as a property manager can be do you continue to exceed expectations, inspire your teams and maintain a personal life, all at the same time?  To do this, we're suggesting in today's post that being 'energized' is half the battle.

Let's get started!  Use our five quick daily tips to motivate, mentor, lead and inspire, after all, it DOES begin with you.


'Make room for life.' --Randy Frazee, author of Making Room for Life:  Trading Chaotic Lifestyles for Connected Relationships


1. Early-morning digital detox.  In order to clear your mind, and infuse your mind with gratitude, take a few minutes to detach from all devices, and content. You are the content curator of all the things you have to be grateful for. You can model this for your team and your family and friends.

2. Live in moment in which you are in.  Accept that the only moment you can control, is the one you are in right now.

3. Cultivate the skills of an 'intrapreneur'.  Being mindful, working collaboratively, and living in balance are soft skills that will insure that you can provide a real relationship with your team, and be there for them with every challenge you will face while serving residents.

4. Be known for gold coins.  A gold coin is an unexpected gift in the form a lesson or knowledge...give these freely. You want this to be your real legacy as a property manager. Read more about gold coins from Dave Patrick, CEO of High Performance Marketing Boot Camps.

5. Be a servant leader.  Leading by serving is the highest calling of any management role:  or any role, really.  When your maintenance and leasing staff see YOU serving, and see that YOU are there to help them grow, the payback is priceless.

It all begins and ends with you as the property manager. You set the tone for energized leadership...which is what you want for every person on your team.  For them to embrace the fact that they are leaders in their own right, as well.

Here's to an Energized 2018!