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8 Best Pool Party Etiquette Rules for Apartment Residents


(pictured above: residents at The Boulevard, a Nolan Living community, enjoy the community's amazing pool)

Fun in the sun, splashing around with the kids and the rest of your family, enjoying a cool drink as you recline in the cabana area of a resort-style pool:  these are the experiences that mean the most during the summer months at any apartment community.  Our goal with today's posting is to share some pool party etiquette rules to maximize enjoyment for all residents!  After all, for apartment residents the pool party is a truly special summer tradition!  So bring those towels, get that waterproof sunscreen, pack the cooler full of water for proper hydration, and get ready to get your swim on!



(pictured above: residents at Chatham Hills, a Nolan Living community, enjoy a fun, family-friendly resident event at the community's pool)


8 Pool Party Rules of Etiquette to Help You Enjoy Your Apartment Community's Pool


Pool Party Etiquette Rule #1:  Keep it PG13

Watch your language, be sure to audit your 'couple presence' and keep your swimsuits on!  Your community's pool is a place where all residents should feel welcome. Everyone has a part to play in making sure this happens.

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #2: Get Buy-In Before You Splash

Yes, poolside seating does come with a certain risk for splashing!  That's all part of enjoying the summer swimming season. However, do remain mindful of those residents who want to simply tan, sit poolside and watch the fun, or read by the pool.  The pool area is big enough for splashers and non-splashers alike!

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #3: Poolside Seating is Shareable

Don't hog all the loungers!  Share a seat, and you might just make a new friend in your apartment community.  We know there are times when you have guests with you at the pool, and you want to secure enough seating to make sure everyone is comfortable.  That's fine, but you may need to be flexible on days when the pool is being used by so many of the community's families, friends and neighbors.

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #4: Move Broken Seating and Loungers and Notify Office

Although your community's management team likely conducts a seasonal audit of poolside seating and equipment, sometimes damaged seating and umbrellas slip through the process.  Let someone in the office know if you notice seats that don't work, or tables that have jagged edges.  The team will be appreciative and so will other residents.

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #5: Respect Kid Zones

If you just want to float serenly around the pool and you notice a group of teens engaged in an intense game of water basketball, then chill for a minute!  Pools and kids do go together, especially during the summer months. Enjoy a cool beverage poolside, and wait a while.  If your community observes Kid Swim and Adult Swim guidelines, follow them to help ensure everyone has a chance to have fun in the pool.

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #6: Utilize Community-Approved Restrooms (which is a nice, corporate-speak way of saying, 'please don't pee in the pool')

It's all just water, right?  Umm, no!  Your community's management team would definitely like you to use the traditional facilities when nature calls, and to make sure your young people and their guests do the same.  We're not trying to interrupt the fun, but we do want to keep it real:  don't pee in the pool!

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #7: Notify Management of Non-Resident Guests Using the Community's Pool

If you should notice folks at the pool that  you've never seen before, or that might be entering the community from the main entrance gate and not an apartment home, go with your gut and tell your community's courtesy officer or stop by the office and let the team know. Having a beautiful resort-style pool and cabana area is a luxury you've invested in, and it is yours to enjoy exclusively as a resident.  Guests of residents are welcome, but unauthorized parties need to be reported as soon as possible.

Pool Party Etiquette Rule #8: Encourage Your Guests to Observe All Posted Pool Rules

Posted pool rules are up as reminders of appropriate pool behavior, and if followed, can prevent injuries and even fatalities.  As residents, you'll want to let your guests know that you observe your community's pool rules and you want them to do the same. It's all about staying safe while you enjoy all poolside antics and adventures!
(pictured below:  Discovery Kingwood's beautiful resort-style swimming pool, complete with residents enjoying themselves)



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