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Eight Health-Related Reasons Apartment Pet Owners Should Pick Up Poop


The challenge of appropriately disposing of pet waste in apartment communities around the U.S. is huge:  approximately one in two apartment residents owns a pet, and many of them own dogs and cats.  In today's NREDpets posting, we're going inside some important health-related reasons to pick up that poop, and pick it up every time, every day!  It's part of responsible pet ownership, and it is not a good fertilizer!


NREDpets Blog Offers Eight Health-Related Reasons Apartment Pet Owners Should Pick Up Poop

(pictured right:  A responsible pet owner at  Waterstone at Cinco Ranch, a Nolan Living community)

1. Our number one reason to help maintain good health within your apartment community and pick up your pet's poop:  there are over 73 million pets in the U.S. and they defecate at least twice a do the math!

2. To prevent damage to grass and green landscaped areas:  pet waste has a high nutrient concentration, which can burn grass and create a 'browning' effect called 'hot spots.'

3. To prevent the spread of diarrhea and hives when humans come in contact with water due to pet waste-bourne illnesses.

4. To prevent thousands of pounds of pet waste that acts as food for algae growth in local streams, lakes and ponds.

5. To prevent the spread of diseases that could harm both pets and humans.  Parvovirus, salmonella, Ecoli, and coronavirus can all be spread by pet waste.

6. To control the fly population:  flies lay eggs in pet waste.

7. To prevent pets from consuming their own waste.

8.  To prevent the negative impact of pet waste on the local water table and supply.


Check out this amazing pet poop infographic, courtesy of PoopBuddy!

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