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Five Best Leash-Free Dog Park Tips for Apartment Pet Owners


Ready to take your dog out and enjoy a fun day out in your apartment community, leash-free?  No worries!  In today's posting, we are offering five easy-to-practice leash-free dog park tips for apartment pets.

Living a fit, healthy lifestyle is important for you and your animal family members.....leash-free environments make it easy to have fun outdoors for apartment residents and their pets.

So grab those frisbees, pet treats and snacks, and water bottles!  It's outdoor fun time....for play, relaxation, games and quality time with your dog.


NREDpets Offers Five Easy-To-Practice Leash-Free Dog Park Tips 


Using  best-practice leash-free dog park tips can ensure that these valuable outdoor areas remain in use for other pets and pet families.  Invest in your dog and remember to be courteous of other breeds and families using the dog park as well.

1. Make sure your dog stays in range of your voice, and that they have good voice recall and will listen to you.

2. Even if you are in an off-leash area, be sure to have a leash available as back-up.  Be prepared!

3. Bring those pooper scoopers, and bags...clean up after your pet poops, every time.  No exceptions!  Your apartment community will likely have posted guidelines about this important role of dog ownership.

4. Young puppies might need to wait before visiting off-leash parks...however even older dogs should have updated shots before visitng a dog park.

5. If you have an aggressive breed, don't use a leash-free dog park.  If you have questions, ask your apartment community's leasing professional.