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Five Tips for Evaluating WiFi Connectivity in Apartment Communities


We're well into what experts are calling 'The Digital Age':  internet connectivity is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  Let's face it, we spend a great deal of our time connected, and online:  shopping, working, socializing, paying bills.....even researching apartment homes.  In today's NREDindustry posting, we're looking at best-practice tips for evaluating an apartment community's wifi connectivity.  Our blogging team spoke with Mitchell Sick, director of wireless solutions at Pinpoint Broadband, Inc.  Mitchell and his team shared their expertise, including the best questions to ask about WiFi when touring a potential apartment home.

Five Tips for Evaluating WiFi Connectivity in Apartment Communities

1. Determine and know how many devices WiFi in your apartment home will need to support

2. Ask if you can use your personal devices in some of the community's advertised 'WiFi hotspots' and experience connectivity for yourself

3. Ask what support is provided if there are connectivity problems, who do you call when you have an issue, and what kind of technical support is offered

4. Ask current residents about their experience......if you can do this while you tour the community,  even better

5. Ask what broadband providers the community partners with, and do your online research on each one, looking at reviews and other online feedback

Resident Retreat and Internet Cafe at Waterstone at Cinco Ranch, a Nolan RED community



Pinpoint_Services_Small_Logo"Today, MDU (multi-dwelling unit) owners are seeing a dramatic rise in tenants who are increasingly unsatisfied with their current service provider.  Slow speeds, poor helpdesk and rising prices attribute to this dissatisfaction of end user experience.  Many MDU owners today are taking the bull by the horns and addressing these issues by delivering extremely high speed Internet to their residents via a fully integrated and secure Wi-Fi solution.  As Cable TV and Land Line telephone usage continues to drop, MDU owners understand that what tenants really want is simple a stable, secure and fast Wi-Fi connection so they can connect all of their devices and experience all of the services that today’s Internet has to offer."  ---Mitchell Sick, Director of Wireless Solutions, Pinpoint Broadband, Inc.

We asked Mitchell and his team to share some pertinent questions to ask the Leasing Team at a potential new apartment us, you'll want to bookmark this post!

'Connectivity' Questions You Need To Ask The Leasing Team at a New Apartment Community

Does your community offer a reliable and secure network
 What kind of bandwidth is provided?  Will it support streaming video, mult-media applications, etc.
Does your community's provider have the ability to support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)?
Is Wi-Fi available throughout the property such as:
All individual units
Pool Area
Fitness Center
Common Areas
Resident Retreat
Parking Lot
Does this community offer property wide managed Wi-Fi support: a Help Desk with 24 x 7 x 365 access and a toll free number, and proactive network infrastructure monitoring
We depend on internet connectivity when we're at home, as much, if not more, then when we are working. Use these tips and questions to help you choose an apartment home that will provide the best connectivity for you, your family, and all your many devices!