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Fun Tips for Creating A DIY Dog Den in Apartment Living Rooms


Our pets are truly important and valued members of our families....we love them, and cherish the time we spend with them.  That's why today's posting offers valuable tips on expanding our circles to include our dogs and other pets in our most-used our apartment home living rooms!

Today we're offering several easy and fun tips for creating a unique space just for dog...a space where they can be comfortable and feel that they ARE family!  Guest blogger Karina Martinez, leasing professional at The Presidio in Bryan College Station, graces our forum with her proven tips on DIY Dog Dens!

Give the Dawg Some Space: DIY Dog Den

Hello! Meet my sweet pup Dood! He is a 2 year old pit/lab mix that loves melting anyone’s heart that crosses his path! Some of his favorite things are snuggling, taking trips, and eating tacos each chance he gets. Currently, we live in a one bedroom apartment that can be a bit challenging when it comes to sharing space and redesigning. Notice I said challenging not impossible!!! 

We each have that special place where we feel safe and can also get some much needed R & R, am I right? As a dog mom I wanted to create that same place where Dood can play, sleep, and most importantly feel safe! Well, if many of you are like me, you might say your space is limited or simply don’t have it in your budge. That is why I am here to help you create your pet’s space by using upcycled items around your home and budget friendly DIY projects!

Choosing a Theme

When deciding on a theme there is no wrong. Your pet area can stand out compared to the surrounding décor or simply blend right in. As for me I chose to have a simple black and brown color scheme which matches my living room furniture.

Wall Decor

Pictures! If you are a pet owner then you and I both know your phone storage is filled with pics of your pal. Include photos/artwork of your pet on adventures, with family and friends, and doing day to day activities!! Be as creative as you want! I once saw a painting of a dog in an Indian headdress and thought how cool! I created my own by getting crafty with Sharpie. The frames have quotes that were created using Canva, and then placed in frames purchased from the Dollar Tree. In order to preserve my walls as much as possible, I used Commanders double sided tape to literally put everything on my wall (minus the shelf).


A small shelf is perfect for organizing treats, leashes, and other pet gadgets that need a place. On top of the shelf there is jar filled with an assortment of treats and a metal pail for items such as lint roller, nail clippers, and brush. The jar and pail were items I simply found around my apartment. Having hooks also allowed me to hang leashes that are readily available when needed. I placed most of Doods toys in a metal bin purchased from Walmart and placed it near his bed. I find it adorable that he has learned to grab a toy out of his toy bin whenever he wants. Who else loves it when their pet learns new things?!

Dood's Den

Tee Pees are trending right now and I can’t get enough of them! Sometimes a kennel can be an eyesore so this a perfect substitute. After researching many DIY tee pees on pinterest, I chose the one that worked best for my space.  The dog bed was designed using an upcycled curtain which was filled and sewed together. 

Voila! Now it’s your turn to get started! Look around the house for items you can use to organize and personalize without spending too much. Your dog or pet will LOVE it!