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Seven Reasons To Use Your Apartment Community's Fitness Facility

Picture above:  resident enjoys her workout at Ashford Lakes, a Nolan Living community.


Today we have definitive proof that an active, healthy lifestyle can literally add years onto our lives.  Working out, keeping fit, and living abundantly is all within your your community's fitness center!

In today's posting, we're looking at seven very good reasons you should regularly use your apartment community's fitness center.  So grab some water, suit up in the work-out gear of your choice, and walk, or even run, to your fitness center to enjoy a great workout literally minutes from your front door!



NREDResidents Offers Seven Reasons You Should Work Out at Your Community Fitness Center


1. You save on gas and instead can expand your workout by walking instead of driving.

The cost of gas fluctuates regularly, and it usually goes up!  Save on travel costs to an offsite gym by using your community's fitness center.  Add a walk around the grounds, to double your cardio!  Get fit and stay fit faster, and bring your pet along for a pre-work-out walk as well!

2. You can multitask, stop by the Leasing Center if you need to, or even pick up packages, before or after your workout.

Save time, and take care of other tasks and errands before or after your work-out.  Just drop by the Leasing Center to say 'hi' even!  There is always water available in your resident retreat area to keep you hydrated, and if it's not offered, then ask!

3. You can meet other residents of the community.

When you work out on-site, you'll get to meet other residents, which is always a good thing!  Compare work-out notes, meet someone who can spot you on weights, and even schedule work-outs together.

4. You have less of a wait time for equipment use.

When you work-out on property, you can get right to it.  You don't have to substitute treadmill time when you really want to lift weights!  Don't forget to follow all suggested use notices posted in the Fitness Center, these are to ensure great results and prevent muscle strain.

5. You can work out longer because you're not driving.

Instead of having to face even more after-work traffic, you can just throw on your favorite work-out look at head out.  Your frame of mind will be better, and you can focus on what you need to do to improve your're not waiting at a red light!

6. You're saving on gym fees.

Those recurring gym fees can get old quick.  Work out on-property and keep your budget intact....use the money you save to buy some treats at your local fresh farmer's market....investing in your health will pay off in the long run.

7. You can work out more often because having facilities on-site is more convenient. 

You'll no longer have to gauge traffic and travel time to an off-site gym.  You don't have to anticipate how many people will be there, or whether your favorite toning or cardio equipment will be available.  You can be ready to work out literally minutes after you arrive home!

NRED Fitness Centers Rock!