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Tips on Finding Pet-Friendly Housing


A whopping sixty-eight percent of U.S households own a pet. That is nearly 85 million families. With Nearly 44% of Americans renting their home or apartment, it is obvious that finding pet-friendly living is essential to Americans. There is a number of simple steps that can quickly help narrow down search results to help find the perfect location for you and your furry family.


  1. Narrow your search results on digital rental listings. Websites like will quickly allow you filter all types of search results based around certain desired amenities or pet friendly communities. 
  2. Allow yourself more time. If you are home hunting with pets, it is likely you will require more time finding a suitable home for you and your pets. Allow up to six weeks to find the perfect pet friendly community. 
  3. Sniff out other animal families. Contacting the local ASPCA or other pet organizations will allow you to find where other pet families call home. Pet care centers often will know of local pet friendly communities, since a large chunk of their customers are home renters. 
  4. Tell the truth. Telling the complete truth upfront about the animals breed, weight, and temperament will prevent future complications 
  5. Plan on paying a bit more. The average pet deposit can vary from 40 percent to 80 percent of the monthly rent, according to a nationwide study by Firepaw
  6. Visit local dog parks. If the surrounding community is full of pet parks, it is much more likely that the communities bordering them are pet friendly.